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Terms and Conditions

Maidstone Driving Academy Terms & Conditions:

1 The pupil certifies that a valid suitable license is held to drive the tuition vehicle. Pupils must inform their instructor immediately if they receive any endorsements on their license during the period they are receiving tuition.

2 The offer of 6 lessons for £150 is open ONLY to new drivers. ‘New drivers’ is defined by Maidstone Driving Academy as an individual over the age of 17 years that has had NO previous experience of driving a motorcar or any other motorised form of transport, on a public road. Maidstone Driving Academy reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without giving reason.

3 In the event of mechanical breakdown or any other difficulty outside the control of the instructor, a new lesson will be arranged with the pupil at an agreed time for both parties.

4 If for any reason outside the instructor’s control it is not possible to give a full hours instruction then any lost time will be added to a later lesson.

5 The price paid for your driving test does not include the use of the instructor’s car for the purpose of the test and any prior instruction. Therefore current rates will apply.

6 If payment for lessons is made by cheque then the cheque must be made payable to your instructor and will only be accepted with a valid cheque guarantee card.

7 Payment for each hour of instruction must be made prior to the lesson starting.

8 The pupil should be aware that the instructor’s primary objective is to promote road safety and positive driving. Therefore it may become necessary during the course of a lesson for the instructor to take control of the vehicle.

9 The instructor will make every effort to instruct the pupil to the highest standard but can in no way be held liable for any errors that the pupil may make whilst driving and not accompanied by the instructor either before or after a test pass.

10 The instructor will endeavour to teach the pupil the correct driving skills according to the recommended syllabus issued by the DSA within the minimum number of lessons required. This will vary from pupil to pupil and we cannot guarantee a timescale.

11 Driving tests may only be arranged with the prior agreement of both instructor and pupil.

12 Any complaints are to be dealt with in accordance with the ADI code of practice.

13 The instructor is at liberty to refuse to proceed with a lesson if he has reason to believe that the pupil is in any way under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the lesson or is too tired to drive safely.

14 The instructor will accept no liability for accidents, injury or damage to any third party caused by the pupil’s recklessness during a lesson.

15 The instructor reserves the right to withhold the use of his vehicle for the use of a driving test.